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Welcome to our new home – Hanover House in St Asaph

RADAR PR has a new home. 

I visited Hanover House in St Asaph this morning, eight months after scoping out a possible office for the business before Coronavirus took hold in the UK.

Within minutes I secured a space on floor one of the The Roe building, and just hours later had bought chairs, plants and dotted a few pictures around the room.

It may seem strange to some, taking on such a commitment during a pandemic, when other firms are embracing the work from home mentality.

But that was already my way of life professionally; this gives me an opportunity to mix things up, will be beneficial for my health and wellbeing – those four kitchen walls were having an effect – and gives me a presence in one of the most picturesque places in North Wales.

St Asaph is also the town – now city – in which I was born. I guess things have come full circle. Wish me luck.