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Falmouth student jobs site rises to become one of top recruitment firms on the south coast

A JOBS site launched by teenagers to help fellow students find employment has grown into one of the south coast’s top recruitment firms.

Jack Fannon (pictured) and Frazer Hawkey came up with the idea for Hannon Recruitment while in the first year of an Entrepreneurship degree at Falmouth University.

They quickly gained a reputation for their drive and enthusiasm, and focused on supporting candidates from outside of the region who needed work to help supplement loans and savings.

As the majority of new students arrive in Falmouth from outside the area and overseas, knowing where to look, which sectors are in need of staff and who to contact is alien to them, which is where Jack and Frazer, now 20, found an immediate USP.

Their key aim is to “disrupt the established order of recruitment” and freshen up the industry, something they’ve already managed to achieve while preparing for their third year at the Penryn-based business school.

Now both see a future in the company beyond graduation, and are excited to continue making waves in Cornwall and Devon.

“When we joined Falmouth Business School we noticed immediately there was no portal or specific place for us to go to for help in finding a job, which is something more and more students do now to earn extra cash,” said Frazer.

“And those who wanted to work did not know Cornwall and Devon that well, they didn’t even know where to start looking.

“So Jack and I had a lightbulb moment and decided that setting up a recruitment firm for students would resolve that issue, and also provide us with a business we could build up while studying Entrepreneurship.”

Their flying start led to bigger contracts – including a popular hotel chain – at managerial and even executive level, where there is a major demand for candidates, notably in IT, hospitality and health care.

“That first big contract gave us a big confidence boost and a taste of what was to come,” said Jack.

“Despite us being new to the industry and just 19 years old, people were willing to give us a chance because we are proactive and approachable.

“They come to us due to word of mouth, and that is spreading all of the time, not just among students but the business community.”

Frazer added: “Now we work with the university but also candidates and clients across the south coast, and that footprint is getting bigger, despite us balancing work with our studies.

“Doing the degree certainly hasn’t held us back, if anything having the business school behind us was just the platform we needed.

“We had zero experience and just went for it, with the support of mentors and lecturers who have helped guide us along the right path.”

The pair are persistent and ambitious, and while life near the beach is proving lucrative, the rest of the UK could soon be their oyster.

“If we continue as we have there’s no telling how things will play out,” said Frazer.

“We are 20 years old, we are students and learning as we go along, but we have a vision and a dedication to our clients and candidates. We will never lose sight of that, no matter what happens down the line.”

Jack added: “We are building our brand and reputation all of the time in line with the degree, which itself promotes the idea of getting out there and gaining experience, not just sitting in a classroom learning business from a book.

“We have so much energy and drive and that’s been key to us developing the company and scaling it up.

“The university has been so supportive and I’m sure we will continue to work together when we graduate. For now, our focus is on achieving the degree while building a company that we, the business school and the south coast can be proud of – it’s an exciting time.”

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